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Augusta-area Home Education Network

Augusta area, including Richmond and Columbia County

A.H.E.N. is a local not-for-profit group of home educators. Our organization welcomes all people who celebrate learning, regardless of their personal educational approach, ethnicity, religious affiliation, age, or levels of experience. There is NO "Statement of Faith" that needs to be signed in order to be a member of AHEN. Our goal is to provide support and networking to families who home educate their children and advocacy locally as well as at state and national levels for home educational concerns. Activities include monthly theme-based potlucks, various field trips, monthly newsletters, Yahoo Members' Group, bowling, skating etc. Membership cards are given that entitle you to area discounts.

Contact information:

E-mail: augustahen@yahoo.com
Website: http://augustahen.mybravenet.com

P. O. Box 15963
Augusta, GA 30919

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