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Subscribe to the HEIR Website
Subscribing to the HEIR website is not necessary but does allow you more privileges of use than simply using the site as a visitor.

Subscribers are allowed to post to forums and are allowed access to all parts of the site.

It is true that visitors to are able to view all the information posted on our site as well. HEIR never wants anyone to feel coerced to subscribe. But, we do think it's a good thing, and it does allow you to be a full participant as well as an observer of the site.

Please be assured, also, that HEIR will never share your user information with anyone for any reason. From past experience we do know that there are times that it becomes necessary to mobilize the home education community of our state, and if such a need should arise, we reserve the right to send alerts of such needs to all the home educators whose contact information is available to us through our website subscriptions. We do not anticipate, however, that such a need will arise frequently (or if we're very lucky--at all!), and at any time that you choose to unsubscribe from our site, any such e-mails that you do receive will cease.

We want to be easy to deal with and helpful to all. We will never sell or distribute your information to third parties. You can count on that.

So, please do consider subscribing. It's free. It's easy. And there's no down side that we can think of.

Click here to subscribe.
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